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This pharmacy just didn’t magically appear like a new CVS on the corner. All great things have an origin story, learn how we came to be.

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Our Mission

Inspiring people to lead a positive and fearless lifestyle through quality products and services. Changing the vibration of the world to a positive one.


Character Building

Chief Leader Life(CLL) a positive lifestyle brand building confidence in Leaders through quality products and services. “Live Positive Fearless” is our Motto [LIVE+FEAR<].


Non-Profit Foundation

A portion of CLL proceeds are donated in support of helping today’s youth by providing hygiene kits and developing life skills. Chief Leader Life Foundation Inc.(CLLF) Helping children to gain confidence, will in turn make them more focused and productive in school, home and the community. As a bonus the foundation provides financial literacy to stress the value of a dollar in today’s economy.

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