MISSION Statement


Inspiring people to lead a positive and fearless lifestyle through quality products and services. Changing the vibration of the world to a positive one.



Chief Leader Life(CLL) a positive lifestyle brand building confidence in Leaders through quality products and services. “Live Positive Fearless” is our Motto [LIVE+FEAR<].


A portion of CLL proceeds are donated in support of today’s youth providing life skills. Chief Leader Life Foundation Inc.(CLLF) Helping children to gain confidence, will in turn make them more focused and productive in school, home and the community. As a bonus the foundation provides financial literacy to stress the value of a dollar in today’s economy.



The Story of Chief Leader Life


Chief Leader Life was created in 2008, in a upstairs apartment located at 12800 Superior Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.


Downstairs was a well known neighborhood bar, The Cocktale Lounge. Being the owner of this establishment at the young age of 21. Also, meant taking on a huge responsibility at a early age. I had to lead my team. Overtime, I felt led to do something about the ongoing problem of the negativity in my community. Everyone that I came across seemed bombarded with life struggles. My burdens were just as heavy as the next man, but being a Leader masked my flaws and allowed me to be a outlet to others. Just being there to give a dose of positivity, put a positive spin on their situation.


It bothered me. I had to find a solution to this problem. I watched it as it increased worldwide due to our immediate access to news, social media and reality television. Realizing that we needed to be grounded to a positive connection. Being a Leader just wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to be a Chief Leader: a person that’s surrounded by like minded individuals with similar life goals. Helping others without being face to face, while still providing a positive outlook on life. Putting my thoughts into actions birthed Chief Leader Life’s T shirt pharmacy. Living positive and being fearless while doing it. So, always think of Chief Leader Life as a light in the tunnel; keeping you motivated and focused. A Daily Dose of positivity.


Thank you for your support!